Misato will upload WEB picture-book in Feb.(Maybe lol)

Hello world!

Misato wrote:

I’m off today. Now I’m planing to upload picture-book (of course Cotton story) on Web. E-book, I want to show a lot of story for you, Cotton’ s world is so big. Its never-ending world!

I liked “Never-ending story” that is the cinema and book. I was a kid, I read this book and had a shock that means good idea. And, I loved “Momo”! Michael Ende is a great writer, I want to be like him.

By the way, I like to watch the statue of Buddha. (lol) Of course, I also like Buddhist philosophy. Cotton story, it is the base of Buddhist philosophy. “I am Cotton” movie is so important view, you know.

Ah I guess I’ll upload e-book in Feb, I’m drawing the picture then I’m be happy. 🙂





私は”ネバーエンディングストーリー”という映画と本が好きでした。私が子どもの頃、その本を読んで、良い意味でのショックを受けました。それと”モモ”も大好きです! ミヒャエル・エンデは偉大な作家であり、彼のようになりたいと思っています。